Sunday, 20 August 2017

Loco Roster from Sunday 20th August 2017

Sunday 20th:- Typhoon, Winston Churchill, Northern Chief and diesel JB Snell
Monday 21st:- Winston Churchill, Northern Chief, Dr Syn, Typhoon and diesel JB Snell
Tuesday 22nd:- Northern Chief, Dr Syn, Typhoon, Hurricane and diesel JB Snell
Wednesday 23rd:- Typhoon, Hurricane, Hercules, Winston Churchill and diesel JB Snell
Thursday 24th:- Typhoon, Hurricane, Hercules, Dr Syn and diesel JB Snell
Friday 25th:- Hurricane, Dr Syn, Winston Churchill, Northern Chief and diesel JB Snell
Saturday 26th:- Dr Syn, Winston Churchill, Typhoon, Northern Chief, Hercules, Southern Maid and diesel JB Snell

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Volunteer Working Parties Winter/Spring 2017

Volunteer working parties: Dates for Spring/Summer 2017 
These very popular ways of joining in the maintenance and improvement work on the railway will take place on the following dates;

Saturday 22nd July

If you have attended before and have attended a Safety Induction day please just let Andrew White our Working Party Coordinator know ( if you are available for a particular day so that we can manage the work activities accordingly. Food and drink is provided.

If you have not volunteered before it is not a problem but we will need to get you up to speed on an induction day. Not too onerous but a good way to become involved. Again please let Andrew White know.